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Hi, This webinar has concluded. If you missed it, or enjoy reruns, click to watch the recording.

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Did you know that: 

🤜 community-owned and -operated energy providers are leaders in the transition to clean, renewable, and affordable energy? 

🤜 the revenue they generate is returned to the community or reinvested in the electrical grid and infrastructure?

🤜 community energy undermines the excessive rates and profits of utility monopolies, and supports low-income households?

🤜 decentralized and diversified energy systems are more resilient to extreme weather events and geopolitical conflicts?

Watch the webinar recording on community energy in Canada and where it fits in the context of the global energy democracy movement, hosted by Tynette Deveaux from Sierra Club Canada.
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Learn how communities are reclaiming their power and sowing seeds for more equitable, resilient, and sustainable societies.
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Or check out the resources from the Energy Democracy Project, a collective of organizations working to democratize energy in the U.S.

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