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It's Time To Clean Up This Mess

Why are we talking about coal?

Coal mining and coal-generated power have played an important role in Nova Scotia’s history. But coal is not a fuel of the future. Thermal coal is quickly becoming a stranded asset

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The Atlantic Chapter of Sierra Club Canada Foundation is based in Kjipuktuk (pronounced Chebooktook), commonly referred to as Halifax.

For more, see Let’s Talk About Land Acknowledgments

Hey, Have Ya Heard?

Are we being too nice?

Artist: Alex Stewart Atlantic Activist It’s a sincere question—please hear me out.  Despite general agreement that climate change is real and we’re quickly running out of

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The real slap in the face

In March, the Antarctic hit a record-breaking 40ºC above normal temperatures; the Arctic saw 30ºC above normal.  No, this isn’t an April Fools joke. It really isn’t.

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