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As we wait for Fiona

There was a time when it seemed easier to rally our spirits in the face of a big storm. There’s a kind of can-do pride here, and people tend to look out for each other. I’m sure that will happen this time, too. Still, it’s different somehow.

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Quote by Joanna Macy

When Words Fail Us

Last Tuesday, as news broke that an eighteen-year-old with a rifle had opened fire at an elementary school in Texas, there was a collective gasp.

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Are we being too nice?

Artist: Alex Stewart Atlantic Activist It’s a sincere question—please hear me out.  Despite general agreement that climate change is real and we’re quickly running out of

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The real slap in the face

In March, the Antarctic hit a record-breaking 40ºC above normal temperatures; the Arctic saw 30ºC above normal.  No, this isn’t an April Fools joke. It really isn’t.

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Size Matters


While we can’t say size always matters, in the case of buildings it really does.  On Tuesday, September 7, Halifax and West Community Council will be hosting a virtual public

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Is this some weird dream?

If you’re feeling off-balance these days, or as though you’ve woken up in a dystopian future, you’re not alone. A recent article by Mitchell Beer talks about

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