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Meet Summerside Electric!

Imagine if every time you turned on the lights or charged your phone, you were plugging into local clean renewable energy? And what if the revenue generated from heating and cooling your home helped to better your community? What if you actually knew where your electricity comes from and had some say in the matter?

While this may sound like the stuff of fiction, it’s not.

On June 22, Sierra Club Atlantic hosted a webinar with special guest Greg Gaudet, the Director of Municipal Service for Summerside Electric—PEI’s only municipally owned and operated power utility.

In 2009, Summerside Electric built its first wind farm, and attained the highest percentage of wind integration of any utility in North America. What’s next for Summerside? A smart grid, more electric charging stations, a solar garden, and converting gas vehicles to electric!

Check out our recording of the webinar to explore how energy democracy empowers ordinary citizens to participate in the energy decisions that affect their daily lives—while also creating stronger, more resilient communities.

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