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Please pause for good news

Highlights• Good news everywhere you look!• Communities are making it happen• No more payday loans, Nova Scotia Power!• Countering disinformation about fossil fuels and renewables•
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Meet Summerside Electric!

Imagine if every time you turned on the lights or charged your phone, you were plugging into local clean renewable energy? And what if the
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What’s Energy Democracy? Join our webinar

The Beyond Coal Atlantic team warmly invites you to our upcoming webinar exploring how energy democracy empowers ordinary citizens to participate in the energy decisions that affect
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How do we take back our power?

We can do better—and we must. We need a system that is held much closer to the people. This requires getting beyond the false choice of privatization vs. nationalization and looking to alternative models that can support greater energy democracy.
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Hand tearing through the logo of Nova Scotia Power

Time to Challenge Emera’s Monopoly

For immediate release: May 26, 2022 It’s time to challenge Emera’s monopoly Nova Scotians can’t afford to pay the price for another year of record
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Offshore Oil and Gas — Seriously?

So here’s the thing: the pathways to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C are quickly closing. If we continue to burn fossil fuels, we will
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It’s Time to Re-evaluate NS Power, NB Power, and NL Hydro

These are stressful times. Covid, convoys, skyrocketing rents and grocery bills, and increasingly strange and unpredictable weather—all of it is enough to make some of
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Tell NS Power to stand down and listen up!

Nova Scotia Power Inc and its parent company Emera Inc have crossed a line—the line of decency and common sense. Today, we are writing to
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Time to Break Up With Nova Scotia Power

Time to Break Up With Nova Scotia Power For immediate release: January 28, 2022 Nova Scotia Power’s announcement yesterday is a clear indication that the
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Here’s how we get through this

Each time governments and industry leaders break another climate promise or kick a climate target down the road, they’re essentially saying, ‘Suck it up, kid. Our
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