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Tell your MP: I support a strong cap on emissions

Version française ci-dessous In just a few weeks, the federal government is expected to release a draft outlining new regulations for a cap on oil
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Why give a damn about an emissions cap?

The rising costs of groceries, rent, gas, and life in general are making it hard or impossible to make ends meet. The affordable housing shortage
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The Power of Saying “No”

Atlantic Activist   Concerned citizens get a lot of flak for saying “No” to projects that threaten wetlands, forests, wildlife, or the health of their
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Please pause for good news

Highlights• Good news everywhere you look!• Communities are making it happen• No more payday loans, Nova Scotia Power!• Countering disinformation about fossil fuels and renewables•
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Are you confused about whether or not nuclear energy is a good way to get off fossil fuels and help put the brakes on climate
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Offshore Oil and Gas — Seriously?

So here’s the thing: the pathways to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C are quickly closing. If we continue to burn fossil fuels, we will
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Natural Gas: Friend or Foe?

Just how natural is natural gas? Well, it does exist in nature—so do coal and oil. But so-called natural gas shouldn’t be mistaken for clean
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Media Statement On Bay du Nord Announcement

Sierra Club Canada Foundation continues to call for the immediate rejection of the Bay du Nord oil drilling project off Eastern Canada and support for
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Biomass Is Not Carbon Neutral

Biomass energy (or “bioenergy”) refers to plant or animal matter that is used to produce heat or electricity. Bioenergy can be derived from a variety
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Why are we talking about coal?

Coal mining and coal-generated power have played an important role in Nova Scotia’s history. But coal is not a fuel of the future. Thermal coal is quickly becoming a stranded asset
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