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As we wait for Fiona

There was a time when it seemed easier to rally our spirits in the face of a big storm. There’s a kind of can-do pride here, and people tend to look out for each other. I’m sure that will happen this time, too. Still, it’s different somehow.
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The real slap in the face

In March, the Antarctic hit a record-breaking 40ºC above normal temperatures; the Arctic saw 30ºC above normal.  No, this isn’t an April Fools joke. It really isn’t.
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Yes, there’s hope —here’s why

When I need reminding that all is not lost, I often look at this image above of women in northern India protecting an ancient tree
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We should really talk about this

If you’re receiving this email, there’s a good chance you already know that “this” refers to the report released on Monday by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel
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Can we allow ourselves to be changed by what we know?

When it comes to the climate crisis, many of us keep reciting variations on mantras that go something like this: People don’t understand how dire
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Here’s how we get through this

Each time governments and industry leaders break another climate promise or kick a climate target down the road, they’re essentially saying, ‘Suck it up, kid. Our
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How to get a rubber stamp approval

How many times have you heard someone say, “There was nothing I could do. I was just following the rules”?  If you think back on
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Is this some weird dream?

If you’re feeling off-balance these days, or as though you’ve woken up in a dystopian future, you’re not alone. A recent article by Mitchell Beer talks about
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