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Month: September 2022

Why get mad at the power companies? Here’s why

Dear Friends, I know it’s been a tough few days, and for many of you here in Atlantic Canada, it will take weeks—perhaps months—to recover
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What if the wind doesn’t blow!?

Dear Friends, If you’re feeling like you didn’t get the break you were hoping for over the summer, you’re not alone. There’s been a lot
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As we wait for Fiona

There was a time when it seemed easier to rally our spirits in the face of a big storm. There’s a kind of can-do pride here, and people tend to look out for each other. I’m sure that will happen this time, too. Still, it’s different somehow.
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How much more profit do you need, Nova Scotia Power??

On September 12, Tynette Deveaux, with Sierra Club Canada’s Beyond Coal Atlantic campaign, presented at the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board hearing. The hearing—and
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Donkin mine jobs come at high cost

Sierra Club Canada condemns the Nova Scotia government’s decision to allow Kameron Coal Ltd. to resume coal mining operations in Cape Breton. What’s being promoted
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TYNETTE DEVEAUX & LINDSAY LEE: Donkin coal mine reopening would be disastrous for environment

Originally posted here Tynette Deveaux of Halifax is the coordinator of Sierra Club Canada’s “Beyond Coal” Atlantic campaign. Lindsay Lee of Hammonds Plains is on
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Eisner Cove Wetland

“For any future politicians out there, if you ever find yourself asking ‘Why do people not vote,’ simply look at the way that John Lohr and Tim Houston slapped democracy in the face, taking the decision out of the hands of the public and placing it in the hands of 5 unelected people,” wrote local advocate Bill Zebedee. 
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